The following comes from an Apr. 24 email from the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Report from the third week of April, 2017

Around 8:45 am an Hispanic couple in their late 20s-early 30s was slowly walking toward the entrance to the abortion center.  They spoke only Spanish, but the counselor knew enough Spanish to communicate.

When the counselor asked them if they were there for an abortion, the woman shyly half-nodded. “But why would you want to kill your own baby ? – it is a human being just as you are and I are.”

The couple – the woman from the state of Oaxaca, the man from Guerrero – already have four children, with the youngest only a year old.  She was slightly showing and said she was two to three months along.

The counselor explained that the clinic would likely take the parts of her baby – the heart, the liver – and “sell” them. “Is that what you want?” The woman said no, she didn’t want that.

The counselor asked her to consider how sad her other children would be if they found out their hermanito (dear little brother) had been killed, and how happy they would be to welcome him as a newborn.

Meanwhile one of our prayer warriors got Culture of Life Family Services on the phone, and gave the woman the address to COLFS in Mission Valley. She was repeating it to her husband, who was entering into his cell phone map app.

The counselors gave the woman a hug, and shook hands her husband as they left.  A priest who happened to be praying there told them to be strong and gave them a Rosary.

Please pray that this couple continues to choose life.