A popular conservative YouTube channel has posted a widely watched video featuring students at the University of California, Berkeley answering how many genders they believe exist.

Will Witt of PragerU recently visited the UC Berkeley campus and asked multiple students on camera questions about how many genders there are and if it was OK for men to use the same bathrooms and locker rooms as women.

“Infinite,” answered the first student in the video, adding that she believed “you can’t put things in boundaries. You can define yourself as whatever you want.”

Other students responded by saying there was “a spectrum of genders,” “five, six, maybe,” “I could not tell you,” and “like 72-plus or something.”

While many of the respondents struggled to name genders other than male and female, the student who said around 72 provided several terms.

“Third gender, cisgender, agender, ciswoman, cisman, and nonbinary/other,” she replied, admitting that she could not name all 72 genders that she believed existed.

Witt asked one student if she believed that a man who identifies as a woman should be allowed to use the women’s restroom.

“Yeah,” she immediately replied, later agreeing with the statement that someone can be considered a woman even if they have a penis.

Posted to YouTube on Nov. 6, as of Wednesday morning, the video has garnered over 550,500 views.

In 2016, UC Berkeley announced that “gender-inclusive restrooms” were going to be “part of all new campus buildings as well as significant renovation projects.”

“More than 40 campus buildings now have gender-inclusive restrooms, and more are on the way,” stated Berkeley’s Public Affairs department at the time.

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