From October 16 testimony in the Planned Parenthood case against David Daleiden.

Q. Good morning, Dr. Nucatola.

A. Good morning.

Q. We met at your deposition. My name is Paul Jonna. I represent Adrian Lopez.
You were never an employee of PPLA, correct? You were an independent contractor?
A. I believe so.

Q. You do currently well over 200 abortions a month; correct?

A. I don’t think so, no.

Q. You testified that you do about 200 abortions a week in Illinois and —
MR. KAMRAS: Objection. Objection. Is there a transcript that you want to refer to?

Q. How many abortions do you perform a month?

A. It depends on the month.

Q. Do you do 200 abortions a month in Illinois?

A. No. Actually, currently, I’m only working about one weekend a month in Illinois.

Q. When you testified at your deposition, do you recall testifying that you performed 200 abortions a week and you work there one week a month?
MR. KAMRAS: Same objection.
A. I don’t recall.
THE COURT: Overruled.
Q. Okay. Do you recall testifying that you do 30 abortions a month in Los Angeles?

A. Again, I don’t recall the exact numbers that I gave you.
Q. Okay. How many abortions do you perform a month currently?
A. Again, it depends on the month.

Q. Currently?

A. Would you like to know September?

Q. Give us an average over the last year.
(Brief pause.)
A. Between 50 and 200.

Q. Would you agree that you have probably done over 50,000 abortions in your career?

A. I don’t know how many abortions I’ve done over my career.
Q. Would you agree that you have done tens of thousands of abortions?
MR. KAMRAS: Foundation.
THE COURT: Sustained. And relevance. Let’s move on to the next question.

Transcript of Planned Parenthood trial 10-16-19