In 2013 twenty-two states passed 70 abortion restrictions, second only to the single year total in 2011 (135 pro-life laws in 36 states).

Part of this success comes from the work of Americans United for Life, the premiere group fighting abortion state by state.

Clark Forsythe served as president of A.U.L. for ten years. Now he is their senior counsel. But his recent emphasis has been research and writing. On Tuesday of Holy Week, April 15, he was traveling in California talking about the work of A.U.L. and his latest book, Abuse of Discretion: the Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, published by Encounter Books in 2013.

The top blurb on he book jacket comes from Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard law professor: “When Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were first decided, leading constitutional scholars such as Paul Freund, John Hart Ely, and Archibald Cox were severely critical. Now Clarke Forsythe has proved that the worst fears of these legal titans were more than justified. Abuse of Discretion not only exposes the legal and factual errors the Court made in 1972 but also meticulously documents the far-reaching and deleterious effects of the Court’s rush to judgement.”

From the last chapter in the book: “One of the great urban legends about the abortion decisions has been that they were considered with ‘great care.’ That defense was raised by some Justices in the 1980s and 1990s. That notion cannot be squared with the record we now have…. The Justices seriously misread public opinion, and their expansion of the decision over several months, pressured by the 4-3 bloc of Justices, gradually produced a decision that went far beyond what the public supported. By so doing, the Court isolated the United States as one of only four nations out of 195 – with China, North Korea, and Canada – that allow abortion for any reason after fetal viability.”

Abuse of Discretion is available on the website of Encounter Books for $19.59,