It’s been less than three weeks since CalCatholic “pulled the switch” and launched our new homepage at midday on Saturday, July 7. If every reader who has visited our site since then had contributed just $1, we would be close to raising enough money to meet our total budget for an entire year.

But we all know that’s not how free websites manage to survive. It’s only a fraction of total visitors who keep most non-profit websites up and running. And we are no exception to that trend. As a reader-supported, non-profit publication, CalCatholic depends on you to continue our work.

As this week nears its end, we will once again be faced with the struggle to meet our monthly expenses — about $5000. So far, thanks to your generosity, we have managed that feat since February 2011, when we first began asking for your help. But a look at our current bank balance suggests meeting our July payroll may be more difficult than usual.

Some of you have already signed up as regular monthly contributors, and that steady support has been crucial to our survival. Unfortunately, we still don’t have enough stable monthly donations to make ends meet. Please consider becoming a monthly donor today.

One-time donations have made the difference in meeting the gap between monthly contributions and expenses — though lately they have been for relatively small amounts compared to past donations — and they have become less frequent. If you don’t want to commit to a monthly-giving plan, please make a one-time donation today for as much as you are able to give. We’re depending on you!

Here’s where your money will be going: Our needs are modest. We have a single full-time employee and two part-time workers, who do their jobs from home via computer. We pay about $300 a year for website hosting and database maintenance. When we changed our homepage a few weeks ago, one of our motives was to save several hundred dollars a month in consultant’s fees. Our total annual budget is only about $60,000. Of that amount, paid advertising brings in a little over $5000 a year. The rest — around $55,000 — comes from readers like you.

If you want CalCatholic to continue publishing, please donate today!


By check or money order: If you prefer to make your donation by check or money order, you need not go to the donate link below. Just make your check or money order payable to California Catholic Daily and mail it to: 1703 India St., San Diego, CA 92101.

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