Children’s hospitals that have been targeted on social media for providing gender-affirming care — and even some that haven’t — are stripping information about those services from their websites. Advocates fear the changes could make it even harder for transgender adolescents to get care.

Though the harassment has been most pronounced at Boston Children’s Hospital, right-wing pundits have singled out at least 20 other children’s hospitals on social media. All but three have modified the information that’s available about gender-affirming care for their patients, often by removing information about physicians or the services offered, according to a STAT analysis of their websites.

Doctors and advocates say they’re concerned the changes will prevent some transgender adolescents from learning about the care that’s available locally. Though advocates speculated that hospitals might be taking down information to keep their employees safe, they also said the effect is to eliminate reputable sources of information about gender-affirming care in an internet landscape where misinformation runs rampant.

“It’s very concerning,” said Eli Erlick, co-founder of Trans Student Educational Resources and a trans woman who received hormone therapy from a children’s hospital as a minor. “By the different hospitals responding by removing information, the far-right pundits have already succeeded by unfortunately potentially preventing trans youth from accessing necessary medicine….”
The above comes from an Oct. 3 posting on StatNews.