The following comes from an March 1 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego.


Dear Pro-life Friends,

This was the second Saturday of 40 Days for Life at Family Planning Associates, and the three sidewalk counselors were kept busy all morning. One of the counselors talked to a couple who said they were only going in for contraceptives. They paused upstairs before entering the clinic and talked for a few minutes outside. They ended up walking in, and he came out a couple of hours later, alone. It was heartbreaking.


Sometime mid-morning one of the counselors saw a truck arrive and a young couple got out. They parked right below the clinic near the elevator so the counselor had to hurry and approach them. As soon as the counselor approached her with the literature, she began to cry. She immediately gave the woman a hug and told her it would be okay, and she could choose not to enter that clinic today. She is eleven weeks pregnant and already has two little boys with her fiancé who drove her there. The counselor continued to talk with them as if they were her own son and daughter. They are in a very difficult situation, the child she is carrying is not his. The counselor talked to the young man about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and God’s forgiveness and endless mercy. She reminded him of his love for his fiancé and how he would not want to see her suffer. She was terribly distraught and did not want to have the abortion. After about fifteen minutes she said she wanted to go home. They both got into their truck and left.

Seeing them leave was truly a joyful moment. Thanks to all the people who diligently prayed, even in the rain.