Marin Baroque Society celebrates music of Mission period in Latin America
Uses Indigenous music recorded by 18th century bishop

altasar Jaime Martinez Compañón served as Bishop of Trujillo, Peru from 1779 to 1790 at Trujillo Cathedral. During his time in Peru, Bishop Martínez Compañón engaged in research of native customs and local music, architectural ruins and native plants

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Environmentalists increasing awareness in Sacramento diocese
Bike to Church Sunday, an energy and water audit of the church, ecological Stations of the Cross during Lent

Although they have widely differing backgrounds and life experiences, Lucy Silva-Thomas, Vincent Valdez and Betsy Reifsnider all are putting their Catholic faith into action working on a common goal: the belief that individuals and parish communities can be

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Mormon Jeremy Christiansen confronted the Real Presence
Joseph Smith's folk magic, treasure digging, extreme polygamy started doubts

…When those promises about what he would accomplish in law school didn’t come to pass, Christiansen started to doubt. “It was really devastating and it caused a huge amount of cognitive dissonance,” he said. At the same

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