It is not often that a Hollywood insider decides to switch gears and make a movie about the Eucharist.

But that is exactly what is happening with director Angelo Libutti and his movie The New Manna, a live-action feature film about Eucharistic miracles and the Real Presence of Christ within the Eucharist.

Besides a team of Hollywood artists who are working on this movie, Libutti also has the mother of Blessed Carlo Acutis, Antonia Acutis, supporting and promoting his project.

Libutti grew up in Italy within a devout Catholic family. In fact, his godfather was a personal assistant to St. Padre Pio. Though his parents dreamed their son would become a lawyer or doctor, Libutti loved to draw.

“I started working for Disney Italy when I was 16,” said Libutti. “I then went to Sheridan College in Toronto, often called the ‘Harvard University’ of animation.”

After his studies, Libutti was able to work in the best animation studios on the planet, including Disney, Pixar and Marvel. He has worked on 35 feature films and 17 television shows. Some of the movies Libutti has worked on are: The Lion King (the live-action movie of 2019), Spider-Man, Avengers, Kung Fu Panda and Cars 3. He was a part of Oscar-winning teams for multiple movies.

Though Libutti never left the practice of his Catholic faith, there were years when his personal devotion became lukewarm at best….

“I remember one day, when I was working on The Lion King, I said something against abortion. I was immediately surrounded by co-workers who began yelling and attacking me,” he said. “And at that time my zeal for God was up to the roof, so I doubled down, as any good Italian would do if someone attacked his own father….”

Libutti began to look online for more information about the Eucharist when he came across the videos of Ray Grijalba, a Catholic writer and interviewer, who, along with his wife, Ann Marie, created a YouTube site called The Joy of the Faith. One video entitled “Eucharistic Miracles Scientific Evidence” caught Libutti’s eye….

Libutti immediately proposed to Grijalba that they make a movie about Eucharistic miracles. Though Grijalba thought it was a joke at first, he soon realized that Libutti was dead serious.

Grijalba is an engineer from Kentucky who is currently working with Lockheed Martin. Four years ago, he interviewed Dr. Franco Serafini, an Italian cardiologist, who wrote a book on Eucharistic miracles.

“Angelo saw my video and proposed we make a movie with live action and CGI [computer graphic imagery] about Eucharistic miracles,” said Grijalba. “For The New Manna, we have interviewed five medical doctors and a chemist. We are hoping to interview a physicist and another medical doctor.

This film will explain the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist and Eucharistic miracles using a mixture of live action, 3D animation and interviews. Viewers will be able to see what happens during these miracles at the microscopic level.

The team has filmed every Bible passage that has to do with the Eucharist. The New Manna will be the first movie in history to show the Gospel of John, Chapter 6, in live action and in an authentic Catholic manner.

“Other movies invented new wordings or edited out some passages or didn’t keep the sequential order,” said Libutti.

This movie will feature interviews on theology with theologian Scott Hahn, Cardinal Francis Arinze, Marian Father Donald Calloway, Lila Rose, Antonia Acutis.

One of the reasons why Antonia Acutis has decided to promote this movie is because it is an extension of the website created by her son, Blessed Carlo Acutis….

Though The New Manna is 90% finished, its producers are still looking for donors to give the final $1 million needed to complete the movie. The goal is to release the movie in select theaters YouTube and a streaming app called “The New Manna.” The main objective is to finish the movie in time for the National Eucharistic Congress in Indianapolis in July 2024….

From the National Catholic Register