The following are excerpts from an Aug. 24 opinion piece in the Daily Caller by Steven Aden of the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Birds of a feather flock together, especially when one bird is funneling hundreds of millions of dollars a year to the other.

Case in point: Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and the Obama administration. The administration oversaw the transfer of nearly half a billion dollars to the abortion giant last year, and now Richards has announced a Planned Parenthood bus tour in support of Obama’s re-election campaign.

Since no one knows exactly what the bus tour will do, except serve as a campaign arm for the Obama administration, I guess we’ll call it the “Magical Mystery Bus Tour.”

Richards indicates that our hunch is right and that the tour will be used to garner support for the Obama administration and its numerous pledges to continue funding Planned Parenthood if given four more years. Gov. Mitt Romney’s plan to protect innocent life by defunding the abortion giant is simply unacceptable.

Richards framed it this way:

Planned Parenthood sees firsthand the people who are being hurt by policies that attack women’s health, so we know why this election matters so much. … Through this unprecedented bus tour, voters will hear directly from women in their own communities who would be hurt by policies that politicians like Mitt Romney support.

The phrase “women’s health” is quite instructive in this instance. For by it, Richards is signifying all the things she fears will be lost if the Obama administration does not get four more years. These include hundreds of millions of dollars, the abortion pill mandate, the moral support of the White House, and a president who’s willing to use his bully pulpit to stump for Planned Parenthood…

So it seems that Richards and others at Planned Parenthood have decided that one good scratch deserves another, thus the bus tour…

The shared goals behind the magical mystery bus tour are, then, not such a mystery after all. And in light of the fact that taxpayers give Planned Parenthood nearly half a billion dollars a year, there’s a good chance that the funding source for this tour is anything but “magical.”

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