The Hermosa Beach City School District recently hired a diversity, equity and inclusion consultant who will help train teachers about their white privilege, among other duties.

The decision has prompted anger and frustration among a group of parents who argued against infusing race and privilege trainings into the very small public school district, located in a coastal city south of Los Angeles and consisting of two elementary schools and a middle school.

But the school board members who made the decision to hire Loyola Marymount University psychology Professor Sheri Atwater to serve as the district’s diversity, equity and inclusion consultant stand behind their decision, according to their public comments at their May 12 meeting.

Atwater said during the meeting that what she trains on is not “critical race theory.” But the scholar’s published works include weighing in on “whiteness norms … that systemically benefit white people” and arguments against a color-blind society, according to her faculty bio.

One Hermosa Beach citizen, Matt McCool, who has been vocal against the Hermosa Beach City School District’s push for DEI training, posted a video of Atwater in which she explains how in her trainings she gently guides people to understand they are racist even if they think they are not.

Atwater was hired as part of the school district’s push to advance an “equity” agenda, its website states.

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