High school and college students across the country were joining a nationwide walkout Wednesday to protest legal abortion in the U.S.

The walkout, organized by pro-life students in Sacramento, California, is aimed at warning lawmakers that the “pro-life generation” will not stand for the killing of a fourth of their generation, according to the organization’s website.

Officially, students from 200 high schools and 80 colleges across America are participating in the walkouts, which are also aimed at protesting taxpayer-funded abortion.

“We will no longer watch as our leaders in Washington continue to fund our nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood, with more than $500 million of our taxpayer dollars,” it stated on the website.

The website for the pro-life walkout said students will participate in 17 minutes of silence and prayer, which represents the 10 pregnancies that would be terminated at the hand of Planned Parenthood during that time.

Rocklin High School student Brandon Gillespie spearheaded the event with organizational support from Student for Life of America.

Gillespie announced the pro-life walkout March 22 and said he organized it to “honor all the lives of the millions of aborted babies every year” and raise awareness of the “cruel injustices taking place at Planned Parenthood.”

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