The following two features come from the website of Californians for Parental Rights, sponsors of the Parental Notification initiative now collecting signatures in California. At least 585,405 signatures must be gathered by March, 2016 to put on the measure on the November 2016 ballot.

Sponsors hope to collect most church signatures by mid-December to avoid having to pay professional signature gatherers.

Click here to order petitions for your church. Petitions have room for five signatures on each sheet.

Heroes of the week

St. Anne’s Church in San Diego
Turned in 500 signatures in a parish with only 350 registered families.
Also handed out over 400 petition packets for churchgoers to get signatures from family, friends, and neighbors.
St. Anne’s is the first of the state’s 1,100 Catholic churches to turn in petitions.
About 50 Catholic churches already have petitions. The California bishops seem close to issuing a statement of support, which will increase parish participation.

Iglesia Cristiana church in Bakersfield
Turned in 17 sheets with 85 signatures.
Could this be part of the growing Hispanic percentage of California voters?
According to the Public Policy Institute of California, 81% of Hispanics are in favor of parental notification.

The latest…

My grandchild was killed
One of correspondents to the Californians for Parental rights site sent the following email to us on Oct. 21 in response to a request for help with the parental notification initiative:

“Yeah I know this. My grandchild was killed by Planned Parenthood in [the 1980s]. My daughter’s school “decided to provide her with counseling & transportation for this. I feel even worse for the father’s family, a warm Catholic family. Either family would have helped raise this child.”

Predator planned abortion for 16-year-old
The October 21 story in the L.A. Times was headlined “Ex-Marlborough School teacher admits sexually abusing students.”  One of the victims was 16 years old at the time and a student at the exclusive school near Hancock Park in Los Angeles. She eventually suffered a miscarriage of the pregnancy caused by the teacher but said, “Eventually, it all imploded. I found out I was pregnant in a dirty Carl’s Jr. bathroom. I next remember sitting at the base of the staircase in Mr. Koetters’ house, in shock and shaking violently. His reaction broke me. In his view, it was a foregone conclusion that I’d get an abortion.”

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