The following comes from a Dec. 1 posting on the Spero Forum by Father Thomas Collins, a Catholic priest in Virginia.

In the ongoing debate as to whether Catholics, who publicly persist in their support of abortion, should be subject to Canon 915 and its prohibition from receiving Holy Communion, another important issue is often overlooked.

As we examine their “pro-choice” premise that no pre-born child should have the right to live, we see some interesting corollaries of this premise. Of its very nature, it must lead one to question the validity of two major doctrines of the Church – the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the Incarnation of God the Son.

With regard to the Immaculate Conception, they assert that Mary was never conceived in the womb of her mother. They hold that merely a blob of impersonal protoplasm was conceived by her parents. In the course of nine months, this blob developed into an impersonal fetus, which was eventually expelled from her mother’s womb.

According to their agenda, only after this fetus was expelled from the womb did the person of Mary enter into it, thereby enabling the “it” to become a “she”. Thus it is that they vehemently deny that Mary was ever conceived – and thus could not have been conceived without Original Sin.

Similarly, their agenda holds that God the Son did not become flesh in the womb of Mary. They may contend that, by some miraculous form of parthenogenesis, one of Mary’s ova started to develop into an impersonal fetus. And they may believe that she did expel this impersonal fetus from her womb nine months later. But they do not believe that, at the moment of birth, God the Son was born. Instead, they contend that only after the birth process was completed did God the Son enter that fetal body and receive the name, Jesus.

This being so, they hold that the Church is in error for referring to Mary as the Mother of God. She was, after all, merely the mother of the fetal body, in which God the Son happened to eventually take up residence. Thus their “pro-choice” agenda prevents them from believing that the Word became flesh (Jn 1:14). Instead, they hold that, in anything, He merely entered into the flesh of a fetus that was expelled from the womb of Mary….

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