The following comes from a July 6 Sacramento Helpers of God’s Precious Infants story:

Today I had just arrived when I noticed a family parking near my prayer station.

I called out to the middleaged woman of Hispanic descent. “Here’s a free gift, ” I offered.

She walked on over and her twentyish looking daughter went into pp.
“Oh, I want the pink rosary, I could really use prayers right now!” she exclaimed.

“My daughter is pregnant for the third time and she’s a drug addict. She should know better to protect herself, but no she went and got herself pregnant again a third time, different dad. I saved the last two kids because she couldn’t take care of them. I’m too tired, I can’t take care of a third baby, but you know it’s her choice, her body, I can’t help!” she continued.

“Wow, your in a very difficult situation, but it is so admirable that you rescued your other two grandchildren from an abortion,” I praised her for all her work and effort.

“Yeah, when I was young I had an abortion, regretted it and decided that no kid of mine will ever have an abortion!” she insisted.

“Yeah, I know it’s a baby that’s why I’ve been crying all night, couldn’t sleep. I know it’s murder!!1 It ain’t right, but I’m exhausted,” she explained.

“Yes, you really need a lot of support to help your daughter and the baby,” I said.

At this point I showed her a photo of an eight week baby in the womb and explained it’s development. “It has everything, it just needs love and time to grow, ” I pleaded.

“That’s your grandbaby in the womb, it’s depending on you to protect him,” I insisted.

Then her two grandchildren got out of the car, walked over to me and asked for a holy rosary. They were school aged children and very well behaved. The little boy asked for a blue rosary and the little girl requested a pink one.

Grandma whispered in my ear, “Please don’t talk about the abortion in front of them, they don’t know anything about it,” she admitted.

I spoke to the children and they eventually returned to the car after grandma’s request.

I then pleaded to please support her daughter and not advise her to abort the baby, that I would even adopt it if she was too tired or I would help her with the adoption process anything, but abortion.

After a lot of listening, she calmed down because I believe she felt supported in some small way.

Her daughter then exited pp, walked out to the car and grandma left to meet her.

I gave her the phone number and address of the Life Center where she could get real support.

As she was leaving, grandma smiled folded the address in her hands and said, “I’m going to encourage her to not have an abortion”…. and she got in the car and they all drove away.


The following comes from a July 7 email forwarded to California Catholic Daily. Mary Anne Nowak is a member of the San Diego chapter of the Helpers of God’s Most Precious Infants who is need of a kidney donation:

Dear All,

For each of the past two years, everyone on the Sue Lopez Helpers list has received an organ donation request on behalf of Mary Anne Nowak, a fellow Catholic, who is still in desperate need of a kidney. She is in renal failure and on dialysis four times a day. Remarkably, over those two years, four members of the Sue Lopez Helpers’ list stepped forward and offered to be donors. In the end, unfortunately, none of these generous donors was a close enough match and able to provide a kidney.

Mary Anne is once again requesting a kidney donation. Potential donors should know that insurance would fully cover the procedure and no costs would be passed on to them.

Mary Anne’s doctors work out of Sharp Hospital. She can be reached anytime at: 760-632-5426. She can also be reached at:

Thank you all for considering this request.

Please keep Mary Anne and her husband, Mike, in your prayers.