The following comes from a February 9 email from Wynette Sills of Californians for Life:

40 Days for Life starts tomorrow, Wednesday, in 37 cities throughout CA and 273 cities around the world, united in Praying for an End to Abortion.

Right now, we all need to do everything we can to collect signatures for Parental Notification!  We need every church, every citizen in California to help!  See all the details below. This is the single most important life-saving effort we can do to save lives, protect our daughters, and strengthen families!

February is critically important if we are to succeed at gathering enough signatures for Parental Notification by March 1st!  Here are 5 easy steps you can do:

1. With your Pastor’s permission, please put an announcement in your church bulletin (click here for a sample), make announcements from the Pulpit (click here for a sample announcement), and pass Petition Packets out to people as they are leaving church so that everyone can take petitions home to collect signatures from friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Please start this weekend and then remind people to bring their petitions back or mail them in throughout the month of February, by the March 1st deadline. This is so important, that I am willing to come speak at your church any weekend throughout February! Petitions can either be ordered through the Parental Notification website, or picked up at one of the many Petition Distribution Centers in the state.

If you want to encourage people to bring their petitions back to church so that you can review the petitions and mail them all in together, you can use this sample sign and collect the petitions throughout February.

2. Gneal Trevethan, Respect Life Ministry Director at St. Joseph Parish in Lincoln, has developed Petition Instructions in English and in Spanish, along with a flyer to put in your church bulletin in both English and Spanish.

3. If your church has already collected signatures, go visit other nearby churches and invite them to participate in this life-saving effort!  Invite them to the 40 Days for Life while you are there!  Be an ambassador for life!

4. Make sure to mail your completed petitions to the address on the bottom of each petition by March 1st.

5.  We need funding to pay for petitions, printing, postage, and signature gathering.  Please donate to this very worthy effort, saving lives, protecting our daughters, and strengthening families here in CA!