We were praying at 2322 Butano as a mom, dad, and their two children arrived at the abortion business. Soon, mom came out to the sidewalk with her children to speak with us. She happily showed her children the Fetal Models, telling them they were going to have a baby brother or baby sister, as she was ten weeks pregnant! We gave her all the local resources to help her and her baby, including Alternatives Pregnancy Center and the Sacramento Life Center.

She left the abortion business with her children by walking down the street. As she got about a block away, dad came storming out of the abortion business, angrily following after her. Since she had such an advance lead, he decided to come back to get his car. He angrily drove after her. Much to our shock and disappointment, the man hastily and angrily drove back into the abortion business parking lot, with mom and children forcefully crammed into the back seat. This time they parked in the back, beyond our reach. We prayed fervently.

A few minutes later, mom came running out of the abortion business, with one child in her arms, pulling the other child along, as she sobbed, tears streaming down her face, saying, “Help me! Help me! I have to get away from him! I have to get away from him!” She ran right out into the street with oncoming traffic, with the man angrily following her.

We helped her find temporary safe refuge in the nearby furniture store, while we called 911. We stayed nearby, to make sure mom and children were safe. Four county sheriff deputies soon arrived, including a woman deputy who was a Domestic Violence Counselor. They spoke with the man, asked him to leave, and waited with the woman until a caring family member arrived.

Eventually, mom and children emerged from their safe refuge, hugged us, thanked us for helping. Mom did not want to have an abortion! Soon, she and children left the abortion business, smiling and waving, with mom saved from violence and baby saved from abortion!  How would this story have ended, if no one was there to help?

From Californians for Life newsletter.