-1The following comes from an August 5 email from Life Dynamics.

“Every piece of information we need to destroy the abortion industry is in the abortion industry,” Life Dynamics President, Mark Crutcher
Today, it is clear that the pro-life movement has a greater potential for recruiting informants from the abortion industry than ever before.  To capitalize on this, Life Dynamics, Inc. a national pro-life organization located in Denton, Texas  is re-launching its ClinicWorker.com direct mail campaign.

Since Life Dynamics began the ClinicWorker.com project, we have seen that virtually every abortion clinic in the country is engaged in at least some sort of illegal activity and most are engaged in several.  We also know that when this information is brought out into the public, the consequences for the abortion industry can be devastating.

In just one example, several years ago two employees of Petroplex Gynecological – an abortion clinic in Midland, Texas – contacted us with information documenting that the abortionist who owned this facility was underreporting his income and filing false Medicaid claims.  Following several days of conversations with these women, we called our contact at the Internal Revenue Service and made arrangements to turn this evidence over to them.  Within a few months, that material was used to convict abortionist John Alderman and send him to a federal prison.  His abortion clinic was also shut down and never reopened.

At Life Dynamics, we now have considerable experience with abortion clinic employees and former employees who have either witnessed or participated in illegal activities occurring at their places of work.  A few of the most common of these crimes include:


• Income Tax Evasion           • Physical Assault of Patients

• Medicaid Fraud                  • Sexual Harassment of Employees

• Insurance Fraud                 • Sexual Assault of Patients

• Money Laundering             • Failure to Report Statutory Rape of Minors

• Consumer Fraud                 • Health and Safety Code Violations


-2Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics says, “An issue that was recently brought into the public spotlight is the killing of children outside the womb who survive botched abortions.  While many of us in the pro-life movement already knew that this has been going on for years, the general public was not made aware of it until May, 2013, when Pennsylvania abortionist, Kermit Gosnell, was sentenced to life in prison for committing this crime.”


Crutcher continues, “From the abortion industry’s standpoint, it may be that the most damaging outcome of this trial is not that Gosnell went to prison, but that his wife and several employees did as well.  This creates trouble for the abortion industry given that (a) it is common for the authorities to get information about an employer’s illegal activity from disgruntled former employees and ex-spouses; and (b) the divorce rate within the abortion industry appears to be well above average and the employee turn-over rate is astronomical.  Beyond that, we have also found that, even among those employees who remain on abortion clinic payrolls, the vast majority have an attitude toward their employers that ranges from distrust to loathing.

“When prison sentences were handed down against Gosnell’s employees, it was easy to predict that one consequence would be a heightened concern among America’s abortion clinic workers regarding their own vulnerability to criminal charges.

“In the past, most of these people were intimidated into silence because they didn’t know the answers to two questions: “How would I go about telling what I know?” and the most important question of all, “Am I in trouble?”  But at Life Dynamics, we know that these issues can be resolved.  We also see evidence that clinic employees are starting to be less afraid to come forward.”

On the day after Gosnell was convicted, Life Dynamics released the first part of an interview we taped with three former employees of Houston abortionist, Douglas Karpen.  In graphic detail, these women publicly revealed that the same things that were going on in Gosnell’s abortion clinic are going on in Karpen’s.  We furnished the unedited footage of this interview to the Houston police resulting in a criminal investigation.  In addition, we have since produced a DVD called An American Abortion Clinic that contains more of this chilling interview plus an interview we conducted with a recent patient of this same facility.

To capitalize on this, Life Dynamics will be sending information to every abortion clinic in the country alerting employees about illegal activity that may be going on in their facility, what they can do about it, and what their own legal exposure might be.

Recognizing that these efforts will not get through to every employee, we have also developed a kit to help sidewalk counselors increase the reach of the campaign.  Included will be five picketing signs (posters) that we recommend pro-life sidewalk counselors attach to cardboard or foamcore for use at the clinics.  Life Dynamics will also include a supply of ClinicWorker.com business cards.

Those who would like to more information on the Clinic Worker Kit can contact Life Dynamics here www.LifeDynamics.com