“Great owner/user medical building. Gated and private, room for additional parking. Good for Cosmetic Surgical center or Dental office. Would work well as post production facilities or music studios. Great central location. $1,400,000. 10150 National Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034.”

So reads the current listing of a property just south of the I-10 east of the I-405. On the  Google Map you can only see a hedge and jacaranda trees in front of the hedge.

The current owner is Christopher Dotson, 81-year-old abortionist, who, as of November 2011, had a total of 63 civil cases filed against him in Los Angeles County Superior Court, including 17 for medical malpractice, one for divorce, and one for paternity.

Dotson owns a Beverly Hills house on Ridgedale Dr. that was listed for $9 million.

Dotson bought the property known as Eve Surgical Center in 1996 from the widow of Dr. James McMahon, famous for his promotion of the partial-birth abortion technique.

McMahon died in 1995 and was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, not far from the abortion business.

Cardinal Mahony at the time of the interment defended the abortionist’s burial in a Catholic cemetery this way: “Do you think we should start judging everyone who is buried in the cemetery?”

To read the California Catholic Daily story on the clinic published in November, 2011,  click here.