Court proceedings are underway to determine whether David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, the activists who began exposing Planned Parenthood’s financial dealings with fetal body parts harvested during abortions four years ago, should face a criminal trial.

In what is being described as the “put-up-or-shut-up stage” in the preliminary hearing for the pair of investigators — who started publishing in the summer of 2015 undercover video footage of top Planned Parenthood executives and clinicians talking cavalierly about their transactions with biotech companies regarding fetal organs obtained through abortions — Planned Parenthood staffers who were filmed took to the witness stand.

A California Planned Parenthood staffer, identified as Doe 7, testified on Tuesday that “she provided fetal tissue from the abortions she did at Planned Parenthood as a regular occurrence,” according to a summary by The Center for Medical Progress, founded by Daleiden.

“When asked if she had ever heard of StemExpress, Doe 7 said she had heard of cases in which StemExpress was involved and money was exchanged. StemExpress and Planned Parenthood Northern California are both under ongoing FBI and U.S. Department of Justice investigation for selling fetal organs and tissue against the law.”

Stem Express is a biotech firm known for its procurement of fetal body parts for research purposes.

Melissa Fowler, vice president of external relations at the National Abortion Federation, claimed under oath that “she does not know what a fetal tissue procurement organization is, even though she recognized StemExpress as a repeat NAF vendor,” CMP noted.

On Wednesday, Doe 3, identified by CMP as a “famous 3rd-trimester abortion doctor,” claimed she did not remember StemExpress. “[B]ut when questioned further, she acknowledged that workers from a procurement company that resold fetal organs and tissues made visits to the Planned Parenthood Mar Monte clinic she worked at in Fresno, CA.”

The hearing will last nine days after which a state judge will determine whether Becerra’s case will go to trial.

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