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I just watched a video about a family who had a baby with Downs and this is what the mother said, that it felt like a death.

She said that through her tears.

Her husband wanted a perfect child and he pushed his wife for an abortion.

The ending to the story will make you cry.

Here is a hyperlink to the video. Watch the whole thing…and come right back to this note.

Now you are back? Are you sobbing? I was.

What a journey that couple went on, particularly the father, and what an amazing ending.

Moms and Dads get this diagnosis every day and like the father in this video they fear their child with Downs will reflect badly on them. They fear they cannot care for this child their whole lives. They fear the hardship their child will face in what can be an unforgiving world.

I am writing to ask you help in a project that helps people just like this.

Best Buddies is an organization founded precisely to help children that the little girl in the video and their families.

Best Buddies trains people to become friends, life-long friends with these wonderful people. Best Buddies helps them find productive jobs and much else.

Help me help Best Buddies provide more happy endings, just like what you saw in the video.

In 11 days I am going to ride my bicycle 62 miles through the mountains of Northern Virginia. Every penny I raise will go to this worthy organization. Every penny will go to help children with Downs and their families.

Right now I am in first place in fundraising but there is a rich banker coming up behind me. He is the guy who won last year. Can we beat this guy (he’s not a bad guy..he’s a fine man but if I win, I will take the microphone and talk about the elephant in the room, that 90% of the children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted. He won’t.

Go to and give as much as you can. So far I have raise $23,756. I need to raise $30,000 to have a chance at winning. Can you help me raise $6,244 to hit my goal?

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