FPA051112The following comes from an April 18 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life friends,

Thanks to the many prayer warriors who came out to Family Planning Associates today and all the support provided in the parking lot, we had one save and one turn-around, despite some on-going issues. It was a fairly slow day today at the abortion clinic. One of the counselors spoke to a couple from Baja, who had 4 children in the back seat. The couple wanted to stand alone by themselves and talk it over. After about 5 minutes, they got back in their truck and drove away.

Around mid-morning one of the counselors approached two women who were in their car. They had two children in the back seat. The counselor gave them lots of information about Family Planning Associates and urged them to reconsider what they were about to do. Both women were pregnant! One of the women was told she was in great danger because she already had four previous C-sections and her uterine wall was very thin, and she was in risk of it being ruptured. The other woman told the counselor she was scheduled for an abortion later next week.

At some point the counselor called over another counselor. That counselor talked to the woman who had the C-sections and it was then that “N” decided to call Culture of Life Family Services. She spoke at length with a counselor at the pregnancy care center. She told the counselor she wanted to talk with the doctor at the abortion clinic before she went to Culture of Life. However, that never happened because once she got to Family Planning Associates, she decided to have the abortion. The first counselor stayed with “T” and in talking with her, it was clear that “T” did not want to abort her baby but she felt she really had no other choice. She came from out of state and is currently living in a 3-bedroom apartment with 15 people. She is in great need of help. The counselor assured her of support and love and “T” said she felt that the counselors were being honest.

Later in the morning the counselor went to get food and formula as they waited for her friend. It was then that “T” told the counselor that she needed to take care of herself and she left her friend at the abortion clinic and went to Culture of Life Family Services with the counselor. She made the decision to nurture and keep her baby. This brave young woman is in very real need of help. We are asking for your help in any way possible. Perhaps you can make a financial contribution to help her get out of her current living situation or maybe you can donate clothing or furniture. Please email Louise at lamato@mac.com if you can provide assistance to this young mother. “T” already has 4 other children with the 5th due in September.

Thank you again for all your prayers today as the tension at the abortion clinic seemed to lessen just a little this morning. We need your continued support each Saturday. Please tell family and friends to offer a short amount of time on Saturday to stand with Christ at the foot of the cross at this Miramar location.

God bless you all for your prayers.

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego