Far from sympathy for the devil, Halloween is a hodge-podge of Catholic devotion, Protestant hostility and a Papal decree. All Hallows Eve is a windup to the bigger celebrations of All Saints day and All Souls day. In fact, Halloween marks a church-approved opportunity to thumb your nose at the devil and let him know you’re not afraid of a bully. Contrary to popular fiction, it’s not a “Christianization” of Druid or pagan beliefs, nor is it rooted in witchcraft.

According to the article Why Catholics Should Embrace Halloween on the Catholic Answers website (catholic.com), “Dressing children in ‘scary’ costumes for the amusement of the neighbors can defang evil by demonstrating that innocence is adorable and evil is but a damned parasite on all that is good and noble. But in a hyper-scrupulous environment, it can be difficult for Christians to appreciate that there is spiritual value in such mockery of evil – or even that it is mockery of evil and not participation in it.” It diffuses the unhealthy fear of the devil; forgetting that Jesus conquered Satan, from a healthy fear of the great deceiver.

Watching late-night entertainment, we see first-hand how the power of mockery can undermine or diffuse the influence of the unfortunate person being mocked. Once someone or something has been shown to be a fool, it’s hard to take them seriously. In a sense, Halloween is a Christian version of “Jimmy Kimmel” with the devil as a target.

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