Marriage is demanding, tough and often in need of great healing. That’s what author Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons hopes to bring to couples in his new book, HABITS FOR A HEALTHY MARRIAGE, as he addresses the epidemics of selfishness, anger, pornography and infidelity in marriage today.

HABITS FOR A HEALTHY MARRIAGE seeks to bring healing and understanding to marriages, providing couples with concrete ways to identify weak points in their relationship and seek to create virtuous habits in place of bad ones. By helping couples to figure out the areas in their marriage causing strife and then helping them to replace bad habits with virtuous ones, Fitzgibbons believes he can provide couples with a better relationship.

Fitzgibbons in his book shows that the road to healing within marriage is paved with forgiveness, not only between spouses but also within their families of origin. Along the way, he incorporates the luminous writings of Saint John Paul II on marriage and the timeless wisdom of the Catholic Church.

Fitzgibbons has treated and written about excessive anger and other psychological conflicts in marriage, children and the priesthood for 40 years. He is the coauthor of Forgiveness Therapy, which initiates a new system of psychotherapy. He is married with three children.

HABITS FOR A HEALTHY MARRIAGE will also help couples to identify and resolve the major emotional conflicts that weaken their relationships and hurt their marriage. While divorce remains lower in Catholic marriages, statistics show that around 28 percent of married Catholics have experienced divorce.

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