The following came in a May 13 email from the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

“As an activist, I have seen horrific acts of violence against the pre-born and their mothers, but the video of Emily Letts’ abortion struck me more deeply. I grieved and became angry. I didn’t understand the utter disregard of the baby or how his death was callously used to push the abortion industry.

From the beginning, I followed Emily’s journey. When her video was first released, when only a few obscure, pro-abort blogs discussed it, I spiritually adopted this little baby and vowed he would never be forgotten. Now I sit quietly to the side thinking about that little baby boy. May we never forget him. Let us be called to action as Matt Moore is and not let this baby’s death be in vain.” – Lauren Handy, Campus Outreach Team member

Commentary below from the Christian Post:

I’m going to just be completely honest and lay it out there. I have not really cared about the issue of abortion. I understand that it is murder. But somehow that concept still hasn’t really grasped me in a real way. Sure I’ve joined the chorus of voices on Facebook condemning it from time to time. But I haven’t really ever been moved by the thought of abortion. I haven’t been burdened by it. I haven’t felt the weight of it. I haven’t prayed for people who have had abortions or want to have abortions… ever.

But tonight as I read the words of Emily Letts, both an employee of an abortion clinic AND a mother who had her abortion videoed, my heart was moved. I was burdened. I felt the weight of it. I wanted to pray….

She actually compares the murder of a life to giving birth to a life? The sonogram of the child she chose to kill is her most valued and cherished possession? There is no logic or rationality to the way that her mind is working. None. It’s complete chaos and literal insanity.

Emily’s mind is utterly corrupted. The way that she can take something like abortion – the dissecting of a small human child – and doll it up to present it as an example of positivity and strength is horrifically disturbing.

But what’s even more disturbing is that this world is filled with 7 billion people just like her; 7 billion people who are completely and utterly insane. Seven billion people that Romans 1 tells us are suffering corruption because of our decision to toss God out of our worldview….

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