The following was sent on July 9 to Cal Catholic by one of our readers.

Click here to listen to the June 29 homily by Father Richard Perozich of St. Mary’s church in Escondido. Listen to around 10:35.

“This year at our [San Diego diocese priests] convocation, they’ve invited a man named Timothy Radcliffe. He was the head of the Dominican Order, a Catholic priest. He’s been promoting homosexuality for years. Guess who’s not goin’? And guess who might get in trouble for it? But guess who doesn’t really care… [brief, but vigorous applause from his parishioners]. . . . because you’re not going to influence me with that kind of stuff. I say this not to glorify my stuff, but just to give you an example.

“Will I take heat? Yeah – just as I did in 2009 when I told you how to vote; but I can’t help it. This is what we need to do. All the things I do, I don’t do for my own glorification, I do for an example for you, so that you learn how to stand up for yourself, preach the name of Jesus Christ and live it, regardless of the consequences. There are going to be difficulties in life. You’ll never get to the glory of heaven, until you get to the glory of the cross.”

This was Fr. Rich’s last Sunday at St. Mary’s, as he’s just moved to Immaculate Conception in Old Town.

This Fr. Radcliffe guy does indeed say problematic things. See episode 17 of this EWTN series.

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