The following is from an email we received from one of our readers on November 21.

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is (withheld) and I am a volunteer with Consecrate California. This is a grass-roots movement in which we are hoping to once again dedicate our beautiful state to Our Lord, through our Lady. On December 9th we are asking Parishes throughout the state of California to host a noon Mass so that Catholic Californians can pray in unison for the soul of our state. We are asking for God’s mercy upon us and for His guiding hand to steer us, especially our lawmakers, in the right direction. As you know some bad legislation has passed recently that is especially harmful for families, the elderly and the unborn.

After the Mass we are hoping to have all participants do a Rosary procession to a place of public witness, ie. a main boulevard close to the parish or, if the parish is close to the coastline, a procession to the coastline so that we are in a virtual prayer chain throughout the state. From here we will pray the consecration prayers. Please take a look at the site at for more information and to let us know if you can participate or help promote this worthwhile event!

Editor’s note: For information on specific locations, click here. So far, parishes in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Wilmington, Orange County and Santa Rosa will be consecrating California to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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