The abortion industry has decided on a public relations strategy of positioning Kermit Gosnell of Philadelphia as an abortionist separate and different from all others, using words such as substandard or illegal.

“All of us are appalled by the substandard illegal practices,” said Vicki Saporta in a May 4 AP story. Saporta, as CEO of the National Abortion Federation, represents hundreds of U.S. abortion clinics. “But to make the leap to say that’s indicative of the state of abortion care throughout the U.S. is absolutely false.”

Leap? California has had many abortionists who have operated like Gosnell – live babies, squalor, illegal activity, dead mothers, thousands of stored baby bodies, live births, and fabulous wealth.

Here are but a few examples of California abortionists who are similar to Gosnell:

Bruce Steir – convicted of manslaughter and sent to jail for the death of young black mother, Sharon Hamptlon, Riverside, 1996.

William Waddell – a nearly full-term baby girl survived an abortion by Dr. Waddell, but

according to the coroner’s report, was killed by manual strangulation. Waddell was charged with murder but was not convicted. Westminster, 1977.

Joseph Durante – in 1981 he aborted Baby Boy Sanchez with concentrated, highly poisonous saline.  The nurses delivered Baby Boy Sanchez who was very much alive and they placed him in a bassinet.  Later, Dr. Durante came in and without anyone in attendance, he declared the baby dead and had Baby Boy Sanchez sent to the lab for disposal. The district attorney failed to prosecute. Indio, 1980.

Morton Barke – operated Inglewood Womens Hospital, a clinic licensed by the health department just as Gosnell’s place was. After the deaths of at least three women, health department officials came in to inspect, found gross violations and closed the place, 1988. The district attorney failed to prosecute. Barke provided thousands of bodies to Malvin Weisberg who stored the bodies rather than properly disposing of them, many as large as Gosnell’s victims. The district attorney failed to prosecute.

Edward Allred – founder of California’s largest abortion chain, had deaths of four women at his sites in southern California, 1983-1984.

George Flanigan, III – accused of incompetence and negligence in the death of Baby Girl Rodriguez, 2002, criminal conviction for MediCal fraud, Los Angeles area.

Mark Maltzer –  of Planned Parenthood- the health department found multiple serious violations at Planned Parenthood at the time of the death of his patient, Diana Lopez in Los Angeles, 2002

Lawrence Reich – was criminally convicted and sent to jail for sexually abusing women during examinations, 2008, Los Angeles area.

Suresh Gandotra – caused the death of Magdalena Rodriguez in 1994 and lost his medical license. San Ysidro.

Andrew Rutland – he caused the death of Ying Chen while attempting to do a second-trimester abortion on her in a dirty acupuncturist office, 2009, San Gabriel.

Lawson Akpulon -a bench warrant is still out for his arrest for raping one of his abortion patients, investigators found rat droppings, blood, rust, and trash at his site. He brandished a loaded an investigator. 1996, Los Angeles area.