Report from the first week of March, 2017

Dear Pro-life friends,

A couple and their male friend were walking toward the abortion clinic when a counselor greeted them and offered them some information.  The driver spoke English, but the couple spoke only Spanish. The counselor handed her Spanish versions of the brochures. They stopped and listened as the counselor explained in English how the emotional trauma could haunt her forever. The driver said the woman did not know how far along she was in her pregnancy. The counselor knew a few phrases in Spanish, and pointed out the picture of a 6-week old fetus, as well as a model of a 12 week old fetus, and gave it to the young woman. She was somber, but did not get emotional. After several minutes of talking, the counselor asked the driver if he could explain in Spanish to the couple what the counselor was saying. The driver said they could already understand much of what was being said. After talking for about 5 minutes, the counselor asked if they were Catholic, and he said they were. The counselor gave the woman a blue Rosary, and she nervously smiled back.

Several minutes later, after trying to get them to call one of the pregnancy resource centers listed on a card that was given to them, the boyfriend motioned to the driver, and the driver said they had an appointment to keep. The young woman handed the 12 week fetal model and the Rosary back to the counselor, and she looked down as she turned and walked toward the door with her boyfriend. The driver stayed and talked to the counselor for a few more minutes. The counselor pleaded with the driver to try to get her to change her mind, as she would always regret the abortion.  He said it was their choice, but he would try to talk to them. About 10 minutes later, the boyfriend came back out with the driver and walked toward their car, while leaving the woman in the clinic. It is rare for a woman to return a Rosary once she has accepted it. Please pray for this young woman.

A woman in her mid-20s arrived and spoke briefly with a counselor.  She took the information and went inside the abortion center.  She came back out less than an hour later and sat on a curb, waiting for a ride. The counselor spoke with her again. She said she was 16 weeks along, which is more than she thought. She has a 1-year old, a bad relationship with her boyfriend, and unsupportive parents. She also has to leave the place she is living, and is feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do. The counselor exchanged phone numbers with her and began a series of text messages after she left, offering help and resources for her. She would not return phone calls for a while, but finally did. Her voice was emotional. After rejecting one alternative the counselor offered, the counselor is trying to convince her to let one of our group drive her to Life Choices in Poway, who is ready to offer her much help.

This woman is in a very difficult situation, and this story is still unfolding as we write. Please pray that she will accept the help that is being offered, so that she will firmly choose life for her unborn baby.

A couple was walking toward the entrance to the abortion center, and the woman seemed interested to hear about the information the counselor was offering. The woman was open to the information and options available to her, and the fact that the counselors we were not there to point fingers, but were volunteers there to help.  All this seemed to impress her.

It was explained to her that so many women who had abortions have expressed regret and said they wish someone was there to show them all of their other options first, and show them someone cared enough to try to help them. It was explained where she could find those people, and that abortion clinic just wanted money for an abortion. These reasons swayed her to want to leave. The guy that was with her was not as willing. He was the one driving, and said they were both drug addicts, they didn’t get along, she wouldn’t eat right, and the child’s health would suffer.  The child would just come into a lousy world, but then he admitted that maybe he was just being selfish. The counselor told them about Lamb of God maternity home and open adoption, and how they could help someone in her situation. If she was determined to get off drugs, Lamb of God could help to find solutions, including adoption, and the counselor asked if this addressed his objections.  He ultimately agreed that this could be a good solution. They said they would go to Culture of Life Family Services for an ultrasound and exam, and gave the counselor their names, so the people at COLFS would be aware they were coming.

They went back to their car which was parked out of sight, and the counselor saw them leave about 20 minutes later. COLFS was notified they were coming, but they apparently never showed up. Please pray that they seek the help they need for a firm decision to give life for their unborn baby.

We cannot disclose exactly where these encounters took place because certain people are trying to stop our efforts. But please know that no matter which clinic you are praying in front of, your prayers are united with all of the other people praying in front of abortion clinics in the cause to save mothers and their babies from the horrors of abortion. Please continue to be involved in 40 Days for Life. Your prayers are making a difference.

– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego