Growing up in a “lukewarm Catholic family,” Fr. Quan Tran dutifully carried out his parents’ wishes that he pursue financial success. He studied law at Pepperdine University and then served for 10 years as an Orange County deputy district attorney. 

He had all the trappings of outward success – a good salary, home ownership, and a nice car. But something was missing. 

It was his last serious girlfriend who helped him find the missing piece. First, he began accompanying her to Sunday Mass. Eventually, he developed a deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  

Fortunately, his girlfriend was understanding when it dawned upon him that the priesthood was a possibility….

After a decade with the D.A.’s office, he says, “I was under a lot of stress, I felt micromanaged, and I wasn’t fulfilled in my job. I thought about opening up my own criminal defense law office, but my priorities began to change. I wanted to be passionate about something.” 

After much thought and prayer, he discovered he was most passionate about his Catholic faith. So, in 2006, he decided to join the Oblates of the Blessed Virgin Mary, based in Boston, taking a one-year leave of absence from his job, selling his house and car, and giving up his four dogs to enter the seminary.  

“My family freaked out,” he recalls. “The whole family thought I was making a serious mistake, throwing my life away. They told me I was crazy.” 

After a year, Fr. Tran realized that he wasn’t called to serve in the small religious community. With a spiritual adviser’s help, he looked into becoming a diocesan priest.” 

When the Diocese of Orange sent him to St. Patrick’s Seminary in Menlo Park things finally fell into place. “I knew then that I didn’t want to be a D.A. anymore, and I resigned….”

Fr. Tran loves helping others develop spiritually. He created Fullness of Grace, a ministry that helps people grow in their Catholic faith through devotion to Our Lady. “I am really drawn to Mary,” he says. “I feel her close to me, guiding my discernment and vocation.” 

The ministry’s website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram presence describe 12 qualities of Mary that people should emulate. Fr. Tran travels to parishes nationwide, giving retreats and making presentations about virtue, holiness, and spiritual life. He gives podcasts and presently is writing a book, “Fullness of Grace,” which he hopes to finish by the end of the year and submit to publishers.

The above comes from a June 10 story by Cathi Douglas in OC Catholic.

To watch Father Tran’s story on Fullness of Life video, click here.