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Terry Palmquist a pro-lifer, who counsels outside the clinic posted this comment on her Facebook page: “Minutes ago a Hispanic woman being transported from abortion chamber…pray for her, repentance and healing!”

Terry also posted this: “Police on way to FPA abortion chamber…As abortionist was leaving, I said, ‘So did you botched another abortion along with killing all these babies?’ He started swearing and screaming at me as he quickly approached me, ‘You don’t know what the ….. you are talking about, b……!’”


“I replied, ‘I know you are killing babies and have botched abortions!’ [Vernon] Wagner, still approaching me as I stayed on the public sidewalk yells, “Get the f… out of my face!” He jumps down from parking lot and I thought he was coming to punch me, but he went to our crosses and started pitching them in the street! All the while screaming swear words!”

That was not the first time a woman at the abortion clinic was at risk. In August of 2012, LifeSavers Ministries witnessed another ambulance arriving.

Here is their account:

An ambulance arrived Monday morning at the FPA abortion center in Bakersfield, as abortionist Vernon Wagner continued aborting babies inside. After a few minutes, the door to the abortion room opened, and a young black woman was taken out on a stretcher. The ambulance transported the woman to the Kern Medical Center emergency room. No further information about the woman’s condition is available at this time.

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