The following comes from a September 20 LA Times article by Patrick McGreevy:

A prominent group advocating for LGBT rights has withdrawn its endorsement of six state Assembly members because they abstained or voted against a bill aimed at protecting gay and transgender students from discrimination at private colleges.

Equality California supported SB 1146, which requires religious universities to disclose whether they have applied for an exemption to federal discrimination laws that conflict with religious tenets.

“We regret having to withdraw our endorsements of legislators who have otherwise been allies of the LGBT community,” said Rick Zbur, executive director of Equality California. “Our longstanding endorsement policy requires withdrawal because we tell our members that our endorsements include only incumbent legislators who have demonstrated a voting record of 100-percent support for our priority legislation.”

The group said it was taking back its endorsements from Assembly members Joaquin Arambula (D-Fresno), Jacqui Irwin (D-Thousand Oaks) and Rudy Salas (D-Bakersfield) for voting against SB 1146. The group is also withdrawing backing from Assembly members Cheryl Brown (D-San Bernardino), Patty Lopez (D-San Fernando) and Adrin Nazarian (D-Sherman Oaks) for abstaining.