Despite ongoing lockdowns in California, public universities are on pace to implement legislation that requires distribution of RU-486 abortion drugs. These abortions are commonly known as chemical abortions because they use drugs to end a pregnancy.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Senate Bill 24 in 2019. Similar legislation failed in 2018 after Democratic Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the legislation that requires all the public health centers in the University of California and California State University system to distribute the drugs.

The 23 CSU universities “are prepared to meet” the January 1, 2023, deadline for implementation, Toni Molle, a spokesperson for the chancellor’s office, told The College Fix via email. “The Covid-19 pandemic has not deterred or impacted implementation planning.”

Molle said that medical professionals are advising universities on the implementation of the law.

“A working group comprised of health services professionals is determining the needs of each campus to implement the legislation,” Molle said. “Results of their work will inform training curriculum and professional development strategies for staff in supporting abortion medication for students.”

A spokesperson for the University of California system said its 10 campuses are on track to implement the requirement as well.

“Access to this health care service is currently available at UC Berkeley and expected soon at UCI [University of California Irvine],” Heather Harper said. “Other UC student health centers on UC campuses continue to work toward providing access to this service as outlined under state law.”

She said “[p]rogress toward readiness” has been slowed down by the pandemic. However, “implementation by the January 1, 2023 deadline established in the statute remains on track….”

The above comes from a Jan. 15 story in the College Fix.