What seemed to be another day of darkness at Family Planning Associates turned into moments of light as three women left the abortion mill.

At one point in the morning the police came and talked to two of the counselors for an extended period of time. While this was going on another counselor approached a car with a young woman and man. They were both polite and became worried when they spotted the police. The counselor pointed out the malpractice litigation of the doctor and both became uncomfortable. The young man was studying to be a nurse and did not like the sound of Family Planning. The young woman said she did not know how far along she was in her pregnancy. The counselor told them about Culture of Life Family Services in Hillcrest and that although they did not do abortions, she could get an ultrasound and exam. They thanked the counselor and left. At Culture of Life the woman saw her beautiful twelve-week-old baby and left with a pink baby basket. Please pray for M. that she remain open to life and for God to bless her for being so brave.

A short while later one of the counselors saw a car pull into the lot; it circled and eventually pulled in the far end of the lot. Two young women and a baby got out and one of the women was opening up a another car that was parked. The counselor offered them information about Family Planning; they said they came from Miramar and were not going to the abortion clinic. After talking with them both about life and showing to them a baby model, one of the young women told the counselor she thinks she might be pregnant, and her friends were telling her to go to a doctor because it might be ectopic. The counselor urged her to go to Culture of Life and get checked. The young woman told the counselor she believed this was a sign and said she would go to Culture of Life. They exchanged hugs and left.

Just before leaving late in the morning, another counselor spoke with a Hispanic couple in their early thirties. The man explained that they already had two children, and that their doctor told them there could be medical complications on their next pregnancy, which was this one, and recommended an abortion. The counselor told them that doctors are often quick to recommend abortions if there is any slight risk, for fear of being sued.

The counselor related many cases of women refusing to have the abortion, and giving birth to perfectly normal, healthy babies. The counselor urged them to call Culture of Life Family Services to get a second opinion and offered to get the doctor on the phone so that they could speak to him personally in Spanish. The man said they didn’t want to have the abortion, but felt it was the best thing to do. They walked up into the clinic, and the counselor left.

The remaining counselor stayed for a short time longer, and saw the couple come back out crying about 10 minutes later. The remaining counselor and a prayer warrior who helped by interpreting in Spanish, spoke with the woman, and the couple told them that they repented and could not go through with it. As they left, the counselor urged them to call Culture of Life.