Father Joseph Illo, pastor of Star of the Sea parish in San Francisco, gave a 17-minute homily on Sunday, Oct. 2., the feast of the Guardian Angels.

First Father talked about the angels: “Angels are just not a fantasy…. They sing continuously in heaven…. Normally they invisible to us…. They are with us through eternity….

Father described the procession on Saturday with Archbishop Cordileone down into the Tenderloin to the church of St. Boniface. People seemed to be pleased to see a religious procession. Drivers waited patiently on Van Ness while the traffic was blocked, homeless people crossed themselves.

Father Illo mentioned how terrible it is to see emptiness in the eyes of young people today, eyes that are unable to engage with people around them, eyes with little or no faith. “Who stole the faith from our young people?”

15-second excerpt:

“I was mountain bike riding with two other priests in the Santa Cruz mountains on Thursday. We came to the top of the hill; there was a young lady up there. She seemed to be friendly, but she was angry. She had tattoos all over her arms, a nose ring, she kept dropping these F-bombs.”

“We cannot live without faith in God. One of the surest way to increase our faith is to pray the Rosary.”