At the University of California-Davis, a pro-life student claims she faced discrimination by a professor, in an incident that threatened her graduation.

Brianna Mangat made a brochure for people who are “transgender and pregnant,” or trans men, for her Queer Studies class.

It was not subtle, as judged by a copy given to The College Fix by Students for Life of America. “Planned Parenthood lies to those that are pregnant,” reads the brochure, which appears to cite the Pro-Life Action League as the source for its material.

Rana Jaleel, assistant professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, issued Mangat “zero points” for the brochure, “accusing her of using biased resources,” according to an email blast Monday from SFLA.

Yet Mangat had only “stated biological facts about fetal development” that “could be backed up through neutral resources,” SFLA said.

According to a “grade distribution” provided by the pro-life group (below), Mangat received 100 percent on every assignment except three: the zero on “Queer Emergency!” as well as a 90 on the midterm and 77 on the final paper. That paper “was graded and entered after the brochure was turned in to the professor,” SFLA said.

The “Queer Emergency!” project and the final each counted for 30 percent of the grade, bringing Mangat’s grade down from an A-minus to a D-minus. As a result, she was barely able to graduate this spring.

“Trans rights are human rights!” Mangat’s brochure proclaimed. “But what is the most basic human right? The right to life!” It includes an illustration of a trans man – a biological woman taking male hormones – who is pregnant.

“Whatever you identify as, when you become pregnant you are not the only one affected,” Mangat wrote in the brochure. “Choose life, give your child a chance!”

According to her faculty page, Jaleel received a fellowship sponsored by the abortion-rights Center for Reproductive Rights at Columbia Law School. It was a full-time position “designed to prepare recent law school graduates for legal academic careers in reproductive health and human rights,” the center said when picking Jaleel.

Though the cover says Planned Parenthood “lies,” the abortion provider is only mentioned once more, for performing 370,000 abortions a year. The brochure says 45 percent of abortion seekers have already had an abortion, and that 22 percent of pregnancies end in abortion. “Abortion indirectly affects black and Hispanic people,” it says without elaborating.

The rest of the brochure focuses on pregnant trans men, advising them to stop taking testosterone until their menstrual cycles return and explaining they can breastfeed even if they’ve had mastectomies.

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