A ministry geared toward the Catholic gay community has been suspended by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno. The reasons behind the suspension are unclear.

Called the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning) Ministry, the group was touted as one of-its-kind in the diocese, and established in 2015 by John Prandini.

Teresa Dominguez, chancellor at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, told The Bee that the diocese had indefinitely suspended the ministry after Bishop Armando X. Ochoa was made aware of claims the ministry “may have evolved beyond its primary mission.”

But Dominguez and diocese officials declined to say how the ministry may have gone outside that mission. Staff at the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center where the ministry was housed were instructed to not speak with The Bee.

The LGBTQ Ministry’s page on the St. Paul Catholic Newman Center’s website appears to have been taken down.

Dominguez declined to answer questions about what the LGBTQ Ministry’s primary mission consisted of, what activities it had engaged in, who was involved and whether anybody had been disciplined. “Bishop met with the ministry’s leadership,” Dominguez said. “Bishop decided to indefinitely suspend the ministry in its current form.”

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