The following comes from an Aug. 14 release from the Pacific Justice Institute.

At a packed school board meeting in the Bay Area last night, new revelations from school officials only stoked parents’ outrage over a controversial textbook.

Parents presented approximately 3,800 petition signatures in protest of the college textbook, Your Health Today, that had been adopted by the District for use in 9th grade.  During the meeting, district officials admitted that the electronic version of the textbook, which introduces 13- and 14-year olds to such topics as bondage, different types of sex toys they can use, and the adult film industry, is so explicit that the District was required to turn off its internet filters in order for the electronic version of the textbook from being automatically blocked.

The Superintendent drew looks of disbelief from parents when he suggested last night that an “honors” class could be created for some 9th graders to still use the book.  Ultimately, the board voted to pull the book from the 9th grade health classes but explore the possibility of an elective for 11th and 12th graders based on the book.  The board took no action to address parental objections that the notice and parental involvement policies violate state law.

Pacific Justice attorney Kevin Snider, who sent a letter to the District and represented parents at last night’s meeting, held up one of the examples of a racy illustration in the textbook that would be unprintable in a reputable newspaper.  Snider commented, “Though a discussion on bondage is unseemly for 9th graders, it accurately describes the degree to which some board members and administrators are put on a tight leash by special interest groups, the teachers’ unions, and extreme ideologues.  These are conspiring to keep parents from being equal partners in the decision-making process for curriculum. That’s why the District has and will continue to fail to reach community consensus.”