The following was an announcement sent out early this month by Mary Ann Carr Wilson, director of music at St. Anne parish in San Diego. Wilson, who will teach the class, added some notes in a September 17 email (see below).

Who- the course is intended for choir directors, singers, and anyone wanting to gain basic familiarity with chant

When- every Wednesday evening from 7-9pm for eight weeks, starting this coming Wednesday Sept. 19 and running through Nov. 7

What-  We’ll learn how to sing acapella, using chant notation

We’ll sing 1-2 Chant Ordinaries (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei), 4-5 Chant Hymns, 2 Marian antiphons

Where- St. Anne Church, Choir Room, 2337 Irving Avenue, San Diego 92113

How- to register, simply leave the name of anyone attending for Mary Ann at the parish office, 619-239-8253 ext.116.  A binder with music and information covered in class will be made for all attendees

Why- lay faithful can benefit spiritually from learning the sung prayers of the Church, as well as better participate in their parts of the Mass

This is the fourth year of the class.  We’ve had total beginners, deacons, Eastern-rite Catholics, choir directors, cantors, and teens in the class.  Lots of people who thought or were told they couldn’t sing leave being able to join in the singing with everyone else.

Several people have gone on to incorporate more Gregorian chant in their parishes, which is great.

The diocesan-wide class is intended to give people the tools they need to revitalize and upgrade music in the parishes, so we can move toward fulfilling the directive of the most recent council that Gregorian chant be restored and the faithful can sing their parts of the Mass.