A California health care system has offered to “discreetly” mail “chest binders” to local gender-confused girls in an effort to aid in their “transition” from female to male.

The Elevate Queer Yolo program, part of CommuniCare Health Centers in Yolo County, California, announced the program last month on Instagram. A post dated February 16 following up on its initial announcement said “We are so excited about the response to our gender-affirming shopping spree and free binder project. This shows how important and life-changing gender expression is for folks across the LGBTQ+ spectrum.”

According to a flyer, the binders would be “discreetly mailed” to the requester’s home or to a “safe location for pick up.” The flyer also states that the program is specifically targeted to girls and young women aged 12-26 within 90 miles of Yolo County and who identify as LGBT. It is unclear whether the binders will be mailed without parental consent.

In addition to offering the chest binders, Evaluate Queer Youth’s Instagram page also advertises a teen drag workshop featuring a makeup tutorial and drag show.

Chest binders are known to have serious side effects, including the potential for broken ribs, headache, pain, and collapsed lungs. A 2016 study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that 97% of participants reported at least one of twenty-eight side effects from using chest binders.

Multiple states have prohibited the distribution of sex “change” drugs and surgeries this year. Last week, Mississippi and Tennessee became the latest states to ban such “treatments” for minors, with Tennessee also banning the attendance of minors at drag shows.

California, by contrast, has attempted to protect gender “treatments” for minors. In January, a law designed to make California a “sanctuary state” for minors seeking “transitions” took effect.

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