Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road., San Diego, Saturday, July 21, 2012

There were several people praying in front of the San Diego FPA abortion mill while three sidewalk counselors spoke with several abortion intent women

One counselor approached a young woman, N., who was about two weeks pregnant. She explained that she was afraid of committing to a permanent relationship with her boyfriend who wants the baby and afraid that her mother will find out. The counselor told the girl that her boyfriend showed virtue by wanting to keep the baby. Because the girl was conflicted and distraught the counselor encouraged to see a good doctor at the Culture of Life Family Services clinic, a doctor who cared about her health and not just getting her money. The girl agreed to call the doctor, thanked the counselor, and left.

A second counselor spoke with S., a 16-year-old girl who came a long distance with her father.  She spoke with the counselors for a long time and, as the father started to walk towards FPA, another counselor talked with him. It appeared that the father did not want his daughter to go through with the abortion, and they agreed to go to Culture of Life Family Services. The doctor there confirmed that she was eleven weeks along, and she was able to see her baby on the ultrasound. Later that day the counselor learned that she was undecided. But a couple of days later S. saw a doctor who explained that she was showing signs of dehydration and an abortion could cause dangerous bleeding. This fact helped her choose life.

A third counselor spoke with two nineteen-year-old girls who entered the clinic. After only ten minutes, they came back out and got into their car to leave. The counselor asked them what happened. The girl who was going to have the abortion said, “I decided to keep it.” The counselor told her she made the right decision and her life would be blessed. She gave each girl a rosary. One blue, the other pink. They thanked the counselor and drove out. This counselor then spoke to a young woman leaving her car. She seemed distraught and upon hearing of the medical record of the doctor at FPA she became more downtrodden as did her boyfriend. She immediately went into their car and they both drove off.