The following comes from a July 17 PR Newswire article:

Former White House spokesman Robert Weiner and Katie Schulze, Robert Weiner Associates’ Senior Religion Policy Analyst, have spotlighted a California Senate-passed bill that “could become a national model law” to extend the time youth can sue the Church for sex abuse.

They wrote an op-ed titled, “Sen. Leyva’s (D-Chino) bill would protect child victims of sex abuse” published in The Press-Enterprise, San Bernardino County Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin. The article supports the Justice for Victims Act, which would allow child victims of sexual assault to press criminal charges against their perpetrator later in life when they are mature and have the courage to do so. The authors contend that the bill would help end the “Catholic Church’s ongoing cover-up of sexual abuse” and urge Assembly passage and Governor Jerry Brown’s signature.

Weiner and Schulze say that Senator Connie M. Leyva’s (D-Chino) bill, SB 813, has already passed the State Senate and is on track towards becoming law. They urge legislators to prioritize this “important” bill to ensure it “maintains its momentum and is passed by the Assembly in August before its adjournment for the year.”

The authors criticize Governor Jerry Brown for vetoing a similar piece of legislation in 2013: The Child Victim’s Act. They state “The Catholic Conference, which lobbies on behalf of the Catholic Church, has spent over $2 million on lobbying efforts to kill various versions of a similar Child Victims Act in New York’s Legislature this past decade. If the Justice for Victims Act becomes law, court costs would be ‘devastating for the life of the church,’ stated Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Catholic Church’s archbishop of New York.”