The following comes from an August 26 Catholic News Agency article:

A leaked grant report from the Open Societies Foundation seems to show Planned Parenthood and its allies in a panicked effort to raise millions of dollars to counter a series of investigative videos alleging the abortion provider broke the law.

For undercover journalist David Daleiden, it’s a sign of hope.

“It shows that the issue of selling baby body parts for profit is an issue that could shut Planned Parenthood down. And that is why they are taking it so seriously,” Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress, told CNA August 24.

Daleiden said a document attributed to billionaire George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation group “shows that Planned Parenthood and their allies realize that the baby body parts issue is the biggest crisis, the biggest scandal and the worst revelations that they have every faced in their 100-year existence.”

“I think it shows that even an organization as large, as well-funded and politically connected as Planned Parenthood is not invincible,” he added. “The tone of panic is really evident in this funding request.”

The document, titled “Urgent Response in Defense of Women’s Health –Planned Parenthood Action Fund,” was published by the website If accurate, it indicates that the Open Societies Foundations’ U.S. general reserves fund made a $1.5 million grant to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund for lobbying efforts to respond to the video investigation and its aftermath.

The reputed Soros foundations document appears to have been written about three weeks after the first video broke.

According to the document, the $1.5 million grant provided an “infusion” of 501c4 funding to Planned Parenthood’s political arm “as they were waging a critical defense against attacks to the reputation and credibility of Planned Parenthood and potential loss of federal funding.” The grant reportedly enabled the action fund’s Fight Back Campaign to mobilize supporters and lobby state and federal legislators to counter efforts to defund the abortion provider.

The grant report said funding for lobbying activities through 501c4 organizations is “much harder to come by” so the Open Society Policy Center is “uniquely situated” to provide “critical resources Planned Parenthood will have a hard time finding anywhere else.”

The grant was planned to fund lobbying of legislators as well as paid and earned media, and other activities. Planned Parenthood Action Fund was running targeted television ads in key districts to rally voters.

Daleiden said the $1.5 million grant report shows that Planned Parenthood particularly feared congressional investigation, which echoed what multiple Planned Parenthood leaders told him when he was undercover.

Another document in the leak, an apparent version the Open Society Foundations’ proposed 2016-2019 strategy for its Women’s Rights Program, notes the foundations’ support for groups backing the repeal of pro-life laws in Ireland. The document says Ireland could be used as a model to change pro-life laws in other Catholic countries.

Some security experts say has the hallmarks of Russian intelligence, Bloomberg News reports. The Open Society Foundations reported a security breach to the FBI in June. A security firm investigation reportedly found the intrusion was limited to an intranet system used by the foundations’ board members, staff and foundation partners.