Today is Day 33 of the Spring 40 Days for Life campaign. 20 or so prayer warriors came out to FPA today to pray for the many women entering the mill. Their prayers were heard as five women left FPA today.

Please pray for J, who came very early to FPA and was unable to talk with a counselor. She left about an hour or so later and met one of the counselors as she waited for her ride. She told the counselor that she was there to get a pill to abort but they discovered she was pregnant with twins and that she could not go through with the abortion. She had to talk with her husband. She told the counselor that she had a dream this past week that she was pregnant with twins but that twins do not run in either her or her husband’s family.  She told the counselor she always wanted twins. They have four other children at home. J. went to Culture of Life Family Services and at COLFS chose life for her unborn twins.

Please pray for S. and G. who came to FPA for the abortion pill but left because their insurance would not cover it. The counselor told them there was a reason this happened.  They agreed to go to COLFS.

Please pray for J. and W. who talked to a counselor for some time but chose to go into FPA. They came out later, and the husband told the counselor that they had a bad feeling there. They went to COLFS and it was determined that she was most likely having a miscarriage.

Please pray also for another couple who arrived near the back entrance to FPA. As the woman was getting dropped off, the counselor could hear her tell her husband that she was just here to go to a clinic. The counselor told both of them that the doctor had a bad medical history, and the counselor made it clear that this was an abortion mill. Immediately the husband told the woman “Get into the car.” They left immediately and the counselor urged them to go to COLFS.

Please pray for two women who came early to FPA and talked with a counselor. They left a short time later and told the counselor they were leaving. It looked as if the woman going in for the abortion had a change of heart.

Pleas pray for a young couple who spoke with a counselor for a long time. They pulled out of the lot as though they were leaving but parked on the side of FPA and went into FPA. The counselors left sometime later and so it is not clear if the couple ever left or not.

There will be a large prayer vigil next Saturday, April 12, for the last abortion day of the Spring campaign of 40 Days for Life at FPA.