The following comes from a December 22 Diocese of Orange press release:

After extensive study, discernment, and reflection regarding the unique and dynamic needs of the developing music ministry of Christ Cathedral and the scope of responsibilities and key attributes that a future leader of this program should possess, the Most Reverend Kevin Vann, Bishop of Orange has selected Dr. John A Romeri, former Director of Liturgical Music for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as the first Christ Cathedral Director of Music Ministries. Dr. Romeri will lead the development of not only the Christ Cathedral Parish’s music program but also the liturgical music program that will support major diocesan celebrations that will take place within the inspiring edifice of the Christ Cathedral after its renovation and dedication. Dr. Romeri will begin his work at Christ Cathedral January 19, 2016.

“We are blessed to welcome such an esteemed director to lead the emerging music ministry programs of the Christ Cathedral. I have known John for many years, since he was the organist and director of music at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis and I have witnessed his ability to raise the hearts of the faithful to God through excellent musical performance. I especially remember these talents on display when he was the director of the Pueri Cantores choir for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, when I went with my niece and her family to Rome a number of years ago.” said Bishop Vann.

Romeri’s multi-pronged role will include overseeing the entire music ministry of the cathedral parish, including all of the choral language groups, musicians, sacramental celebrations, special parish celebrations, weddings and funerals. In addition to these significant responsibilities Romeri will lead the liturgical music program in support of major diocesan liturgies, such as ordinations, the Chrism Mass, Rites of Election, the Red Mass and a variety of celebrations related to major Church organizations. The cathedral music ministry under Romeri’s direction will also develop and oversee a cultural music program that is non-liturgical, organizing concerts, recitals and productions that showcase both religious and secular music.