The following comes from a Sept. 29 release from Religion News Service.

Starting last Saturday, September 26, the voices of presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and LA Dodger Adrian Gonzalez may have been coming to your landline. They are asking you via automated calls to “press 1” to request petitions for the currently circulating parental notification initiative.

This initiative – to go on the November 2016 ballot – will require that a parent or guardian of an under-18-year-old girl be notified before an abortion is performed on her.

Parental notification came within two percent of passing in 2008. Since then demographics and political climate have shifted dramatically. Even though California is considered a safe Democratic state, the growth of Hispanics and Asians make it ripe for a pro-family measure.

The Gonzalez script reads, in part:
“Hi, this is Adrian Gonzalez, I play first base for the Los Angeles Dodgers and am the father of two beautiful children….”

The Fiorina script reads, in part:
“Hello, this is Carly Fiorina. In California, a 13-year-old girl can have a surgical abortion performed on her – without either of her parents ever knowing about it….”

These automated calls started going out last Saturday, September 25, followed by mass mailings of petitions. Petitions will be mailed to every church in California to get churchgoers collecting signatures from family, friends, and neighbors.

To order petitions: