In 2018, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released an 11-page testimony that rocked the world. In it, he called out the corruption of the Church, especially with regards to its handling of the sexual abuse crisis—addressing most specifically the case of disgraced Cardinal Theodore McCarrick—and stunningly called for the resignation of Pope Francis. And then he was gone . . . at least physically. In these pages, longtime Vatican journalist Robert Moynihan, publisher of Inside the Vatican magazine, brings to bear his vast experience in the corridors of power in Rome as well as his longstanding friendship with Viganò to produce a book that both provides an incisive look at the content of the Testimony itself, but also, through interviews conducted in-person with the archbishop at undisclosed locations, a personal look at the man whose conscience compelled him to speak out about the corruption in which the Church he loves and to which he has given his life, has been mired for years.

Part thriller, as when Moynihan details his efforts to reach Viganò and makes his way to their meeting, and part personal memoir as both men reflect on their lives, families, and the state of the Church in the world, Finding Vigano has something for everyone. Readers familiar with the ongoing drama surrounding the archbishop will appreciate the insights into the man provided through the interviews, while those unfamiliar with the drama of the Testimony and all that has transpired since will, after reading, have a better understanding of the key issues and players involved.

The above comes from a promotional statement on the Robert Moynihan book about Archbishop Vigano on Signs and Wonders.

This is more than the story of a physical finding. It is also the story of finding out the secret and center of a man: what he loves, what he lives for, what he dreams about, what moves his soul, what has broken his heart. . . .

Who is this man who, though a high-ranking Vatican official, an “insider,” dared to denounce a pope? Who is this man who dared to denounce as corrupt a clerical culture that he himself was part of for a lifetime? Who is this man who says he has no eloquence, yet writes with an undeniable, deeply moving eloquence? Who is this man who went into hiding and yet has found a way to speak . . . to the entire world? . . .

This book, then, is an appeal to our bishops, our “protectors,” our “guardians,” to truly be protectors and guardians, and not to flee in the face of any wolves who may attack the flock. It is an appeal to our bishops to be that which they should be: guardians, protectors. In a word, fathers.

The above comes from Moynihan’s magazine, Inside the Vatican.

The following comes from a description of the interview of Moynihan on the Patrick Coffin show.

A new book uncovers previously unknown facts about the man who publicly called for the resignation of Pope Francis, former US Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Written by Robert Moynihan, founder and editor of Inside the Vatican magazine, Finding Viganò: The Man Behind the Testimony that Shook the Church and the World takes you into the sequestered archbishop’s mind and heart, and is based on several clandestine meetings with His Excellency.

  • The basic back story of Viganò’s childhood and priestly vocation
  • His essential motives (Clue: revenge isn’t one of them)
  • Why he went into hiding and what his hopes for the future are
  • His current views on the man he invariably now refers to as Jorge Mario Bergoglio
  • The real story behind the Kim Davis headlines (remember her?)
  • The names of current Vatican players who are part of the “deep Church” swamp
  • How Viganò views the current Church crisis and how best to navigate it