The following comes from a July 4 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life Friends,

For the first time in several years, Family Planning Associates was closed on Saturday, because of the July 4th holiday. But not to lose out on any business, they opened for abortions on Friday instead, and we had counselors there to meet the women.

It was a very busy day. Thankfully the counselors were able to reach most of the women going in and at least hand them information. However, many of the people entering Family Planning Associates were hostile and angry and it was hard to have a meaningful dialogue. Yet there were some that remained open to talk. One woman pulled up to Family Planning Associates by herself and said she came down from North County. One of the counselors talked with her as she got out of her car. Another counselor soon joined the conversation. She was very open to hearing what the counselor had to say about the medical practices of the doctor. She acted surprised to know that he was doing abortions here today. She said she was only there for an ultrasound and had five little girls at home. This is a common response to avoid the subject of abortion, and it was somewhat questionable to the two counselors whether or not she was speaking the truth. Still, she agreed to take down Culture of Life Family Services number in Escondido, but said she was already at Family Planning Associates and she would go there. The counselor handed her a Holy card of Divine Mercy and she took the card and went into the clinic.

She sat out on the balcony filling out paperwork for some time. Within about 45 minutes however she came down and left. She told the counselor she decided to leave because it was too long of a wait. She promised the counselor she would call Culture of Life Family Services. Whatever her situation, please pray for this very kind woman.

One of the counselors later spoke with an older woman who brought her daughter, who was in her mid-20’s. The woman told the counselor that this was her daughter’s fifth abortion, and all of the daughter’s sisters had tried to talk her out of it, but she wouldn’t budge. The counselor asked her if her daughter had ever been raped or sexually abused, and the woman said both. The counselor gave her the name of a professional counselor and urged her to get her daughter to seek counseling. She also advised the mother to see a priest. Please pray for this family.