The Biden administration will repeal the Mexico City Policy in the “coming days,” White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci told board members of the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday, January 21.

“It will be our policy to support women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights in the United States, as well as globally,” Fauci told an executive board meeting of the World Health Organization on Thursday. 

The “Mexico City Policy,” referred to by its detractors as the “Global Gag Rule,” was first introduced in 1984. It has traditionally barred U.S. family planning assistance from going to foreign NGOs that promote or perform abortions.

On Wednesday evening, White House press secretary Jen Psaki would not give details when asked by EWTN News what Biden plans to do with the Mexico City Policy.

“Well, I think we’ll have more to say on the Mexico City Policy in the coming days,” Psaki said, before adding that Biden is a “devout Catholic.”

The Biden administration is also expected to take a number of other actions rolling back pro-life policies in its first days. Punchbowl News reported on Wednesday that the administration also planned to “disavow” the Geneva Declaration, an international statement of the U.S. and 31 other countries declaring that abortion is not a human right.

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