A priest well-known for his pro-life activism has penned an open letter to U.S. bishops asking them to use their authority to allow clergy to publicly advocate for the political party in the upcoming 2020 election that is pro-life and pro-religious freedom. The priest asks for the right to name and discredit the opposing political party.

“The rights of the Church and the common good are under attack in unprecedented ways by the Democrat Party,” Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, declared in a June 25 open letter to the U.S. bishops.

Pavone noted how current Church directives forbid clergy from engaging in partisan politics. He pointed out, however, that the current political situation is something that such directives do not take into account. The priest’s letter, written to coincide with Religious Freedom Week, points out that guidance from the hierarchy often frustrates and hinders the mission of clergy and lay people when it comes to articulating and applying the teachings of the Church to the political realm.

“When,” says Pavone, “the faithful are told not to ‘engage in any political activity which seeks to support or discredit any political party or candidate’ one wonders how the moral judgment in matters relating to politics is to be expressed.”

“When the Republican Party stands firmly for the principle that government cannot authorize the killing of babies, and the Democrat Party firmly rejects that principle by embracing unrestricted abortion, how is it possible for the Church ‘to proclaim its teaching’ without discrediting (implicitly if not explicitly) the political party that so obviously opposes that teaching?” Pavone asks the bishops.

“The approximately 100,000 political races that comprise ‘the 2020 Elections’ bring us to an unprecedented choice in America,” emphasized Pavone.  “Never has the political divide been more substantial or consequential.”

“Never has the voice of the Church been more needed; everything we stand for and have fought for is on the line,” he added.

The above comes from a June 25 story on LifeSiteNews.